05 November 2012

For the Grandparents: November

The Bairn
  • is 9 months old.

  • claps on command.  He also stands on my lap and claps before every bedtime/naptime.

  • crazy loves the word and the game 'peek.'  He grabs blankets, diapers, bibs, and toys for sudden games of peek.  One day in the high chair, he used a plastic serving spoon to cover his eyes and play.  It's his favorite.

  • suddenly seems to understand huge amounts of what we say to him and will fetch items when asked about their location.

  • only wants to eat with his hands.  It makes his morning bowl of oatmeal a very messy ordeal.

  • pulls up on everything and cruises around the furniture.  He does daily standing-alone experiments, all of which still result in falling over.

          • says Mama, Dada, and Fat Bear ('at Deh).  All animals are Fat Bear.

          • wants me and Steve to be home (and not leaving the room) at all times.  He's started protesting loudly when Steve leaves for work in the morning or goes to meetings in the evening.

          • is adorable.


          Anonymous said...

          He looks like a little man. Mom

          Anonymous said...

          I like the generational span in the top picture. Howard's Great Great Grand Parents are over his left shoulder. The picture above the Great Great Grand Parents is a picture of my mother (in the rocking chair).

          Anonymous said...

          What a sweetheart. He's getting to be a busy young man.


          stash said...

          Get used to the finger eating. Emma is 16 months and still prefers her fingers. She'll hold a fork or spoon in one hand and eat with the other.

          MBC said...

          Mom--A sweater vest will do that for a boy.

          Dad--Yep, we just need a grandparent in the picture to make it complete.

          Papa--Too busy! Steve says the next baby needs to be a snuggler, because The Bairn has no time for that.

          Stash--I wouldn't mind if he ate fewer purees (which I guess means I should stop pureeing his food.)

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