22 October 2012

Oh, the Fall is Being Very Kind to Us

I don't like winter, and I was concerned that polar bears would already be attacking me through the 8 feet of snow piled up at my door in Canada in October and that I would be busy building a dog sled to make my escape to sunnier climes by now, but we have been having a BEAUTIFUL fall.  No snow, just crisp weather and adorable hats to force onto my baby's head when we go for walks to look at the changing leaves.

See those little bear ears?

And that adorable face?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry the snow doesn't start until just before Christmas. It'll just rain for the month of November. Got to fill the lakes up according to the wives tales.
Enjoy the fall for as long as as it lasts. Yes Howard is the by far the cutiest thing you'll find on your walks.

eliana23 said...

You make me want to move to Canada and have a baby. It is a strange power you have over me.

Breanne said...

SO cute.

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