11 November 2012

It's the 1980s Senior Citizens Look

Sometimes there are style disagreements in our home.  In these situations I usually prevail.  But sometimes Steve prevails.  And sometimes there's a draw (for example, Steve continues to wear his $0.49 shirts that he loves and I tolerate, although sometimes I hang them at the back of his closet to encourage him to wear them less often).

Recently, Steve scored another victory.  I was dead set against it, but I surrendered when the offending item was found on sale 50% off and I could see that it would be a practical (if hideous) purchase.  We have a clear plastic cover on our table.  It goes over our tablecloths to protect them from The Bairn and his peach-sputtering ways.  Steve owned one when he was bachelor.  I don't know what his excuse was since he didn't have a baby.  He would like to place some doilies under our current plastic cover (the man loves doilies), but I have limits.


Holly said...

My mom kept a clear plastic tablecloth over the cloth one all the time when we were kids. She changed the pretty ones regularly, but they definitely lasted a lot longer than they would have without the plastic protection. :)

Anonymous said...

He gets this from his great grand mother, who did the same thing. Actually it was quite a common practice for children of the depression. It allowed you to show off your best linen without resulting in the possible death of a child in the event of an incident. I know my life was preserved on at least 3 occasions.


MBC said...

Holly--Steve very much appreciates your supportive comment. :)

KWB--Yes, he gets a lot of his decorating ideas from his grandparents and great grandparents.

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