13 November 2012

Family Outings

We had two family outings this weekend.

Friday night we attended a Diwali celebration at the village fire hall.  We sat with a pre-teen who did not care for Indian food and was not even tempted by the gulab juman.  I was tempted by all the food.  Alllll the food.  The Bairn was tempted by the giant flower pattern made with colored salt (or sand?) on the floor.  Every time I set him loose, he crawled with great purpose toward it, only deterred by his side mission of terrorizing a little girl whose shoes he admired.  The Bairn and I left after we were both as full of deliciousness (The Bairn DOES love gulab juman) as we could be. We missed the traditional and Bollywood dancing, but Steve viewed it and has now requested that it be reprised in our home.

Yesterday was Remembrance Day, so Steve had the day off, and we took ourselves to Antigonish to try the Prissy Pig, a cafe and deli connected to a farmer-owned abattoir. 

The Bairn was introduced to saltines.  It changed his life.  I ate a scallop and bacon salad with maple dressing.  I have no words.

Then we walked around the campus of St. FX (Francis Xavier) University,

a Catholic university with a beautiful campus.

The weather still smiles upon us.  Keep it up, Canada.


Anonymous said...

Crackers were cookies to Steve until I came back from sea one day and I gave him a chocolate chip cookie when he asked for a cookie. That changed his life.
A side mission for you if you decide to accept it is to find a good East Indian restaurant for us to dine at next summer.


MBC said...

I'll get on that.

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