20 November 2012

The Bairn's Book Club

Thanks for all your baby books recommendations. We still haven't managed to get our hands on all the books, but the ones available to us have been hits with The Bairn.  He is a great lover of books.  He attends a Mother Goose rhyme and song program sponsored by the library and the parent resource center.  He usually finds it rather ho hum and spends a lot of his time attempting to steal from the other babies and poking them in their eyes.  Today, toward the end of the session, he completely disengaged and read a picture book about babies rather than listening to rhymes about little old men who go up in space (I don't care for that one either).

He is also currently loving these books--

Say Goodnight by Helen Oxenbury
I was shocked that my library only owns this one Helen Oxenbury board book.  She is, rightly, so beloved.  We read this one before bed and The Bairn usually requests at least 2 or 3 readings each time.  He loves the round babies and simple rhyming text.

Alligator, Bear, Crab by Lesley Wynne Pechter
We checked this out a few times before The Bairn joined me in my affection for it.  I love the illustrations and The Bairn is still very fond of ABC books with a single picture on each page.  Seriously, excellent illustrations.  The Bairn likes the porcupine best.

I set The Bairn down with Alligator, Bear, Crab and instructed him to show the good blog readers how he loves it.  He said to me, Mama, Mama, Mamaaaa.

ABC, Baby Me by Susan Katz and Alicia Padron
This is another ABC book with drawings of families caring for babies and a rhyming text.  It's not my very favorite book, but The Bairn likes it and it's sweet and gentle.

and I love this one

Yawn by Sally Simes
The Bairn has never let me read the entire thing to him, but I find it so clever.  We will try again next month.


Trish said...

I just picked up Doggies by Sandra Boynton and while I think it's a bit monotonous it's still fun and my daughter loves it. At least for the first 5 pages or so (she's 19 months and WAY too busy). I actually haven't seen these that you list here so I'll have to check them out! (ps--I came via a BlogHer sidebar link...)

Anonymous said...

Smart lad, he may not always know what he likes but definitely knows what he doesn't.


MBC said...

Trish--We have Doggies checked out from the library right now and my baby (10 months) loves it. He doesn't have patience to hear all of the dog sounds, but he likes the counting and occasionally woofs and bow wows.

KWB--He definitely has opinions.

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