22 November 2012

Thank You, Thank You, My Heart Sings

We are grateful for many things this year:
  • Our baby with his angel face that keeps me from putting him on an ice flow even when he wakes me up all night long.
  • My permanent residency process being completed.
  • A new job opportunity for Steve that came about just weeks before we learned that his current project will no longer be funded in the spring.
  • An upcoming trip to spend Christmas with my family in the States.
 Many things.

I decided we didn't need three turkey dinners in three months, so I spent the last two days making these pork tamales and our ever-popular Shaker lemon pie for today's feast.  Steve's Scottish friend and the friend's English girlfriend joined us and I felt a bit homesick for the UK talking to them and hearing myself and Steve switch to Britishisms to tell our stories.  The Bairn was also very pleased with their company because they took off their shoes when they came in and left them near the door for him to play with all evening.  Shoes are his favorite.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are right we have so many things to be grateful for. Including our children's spouses and grandchildren. As to turkey only three times in a month a word to the wise if you ever want to butter-up your father-in-law feed him a turkey dinner and he is putty in your hands. One the best parts of my sea going life was turkey dinner every Sunday, so 4 times a month and 5 times twice a year. BTW enchiladas in red sauce have much the same effect.


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