27 November 2012

True Facts About Canada

  • In our small town of approximately 20,000, there are three adult stores.  That seems like a lot.
  • When I stroll The Bairn down the street and we come to a parking lot or intersection, cars back up to let us pass and make it very clear that they will not run over the wee babe.  I appreciate this and have never seen it happen consistently anywhere else in the world. 
  • If you would like to compliment a baby in Nova Scotia, you must say, "That baby is some cute."  You may also say, "That baby's face is some sweet."  There are many variations, but you must use the word some as demonstrated.


Anonymous said...

Yes in some parts of Nova Scotia some is adjective. Mostly because some descriptors are just not enough by them selves. Thus the Bairn is not only cute he can be some cute, or even right some cute, and if in Newfoundland he would be right real some cute.


Steve said...

Just in the interests of accuracy, you're off by a factor of 10 in the population figure, according to StatsCan the population is 22,777. According to the sign in front of the adult store, many of them are 'sexy couples'.

eliana23 said...

Yuck on the adult stores, no matter what Steve says.
And you do have one of the most charming babies (though maybe not at night) in the whole world. I would want to be clear that he was safe on the roads too.

MBC said...

Oops, I meant 20,000. Still, THREE stores?

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