18 December 2012

Christmas Began

We're spending Christmas in Tennessee with my parents. We all drove to Maine this weekend and then Steve continued driving and The Bairn and I spent the night with The Bairn's fake cousin Katya before flying to Grandma's house. This taught us the following lessons:
  1. We need to get ourselves a single librarian to live near us and find our baby charming.  My sister had one (ME) when her first child was about The Bairn's age, and I would also like one.  Maybe Katya could move to Canada.

  2.  The only appropriate carry on when traveling alone with a baby is a backpack.  

  3. The Bairn, or, as I like to call him, Free Pass to the Front of the Shuttle Line, remains an excellent traveler.  On our first flight, he fell asleep before take off and remained asleep after landing.  In our second airport and on our second flight, he remained awake and tried to steal several passengers' drink bottles, untied some strangers' shoelaces, and attempted to get himself run down by those beep beep beep carts in the terminal, but no one seemed to mind because he flirts shamelessly and he was still remarkably good overall.

Now we are at my parents' house where The Bairn is allowed to play with every single thing he fancies, where the kitchen is stocked so full that I weep each time I open the refrigerator and reach for a new and exciting type of cheese, and where The Bairn has acquired a baby computer, his special dream come true. 

new computer

Oh, yeah, and there's this.

reindeer baby


Anonymous said...

What an amazingly cute reindeer want a be.


Anonymous said...

You were indeed an amazingly wonderful single librarian proximate aunt/sister-in-law, back in those days in Provo, and not just with our first child. With all of them. We don't need you to revert to that former status. But my, wouldn't it be convenient! And yes, you need one too!


MBC said...

Papa--He's an even cuter reindeer in his reindeer pjs. Must take a picture.

MarmDad--It would be nice for me too, if I could just bring my baby over and add him to the mix at your house some days.

Katya said...

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! (And I wish I lived closer, too.)

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