23 December 2012

Santa's Saddest Reindeer

Steve and I are celebrating our fourth Christmas together this year.  Having a baby is the best thing we've done so far to have a happy holiday.  He's like a tiny ambassador of good cheer.  As in Canada, everyone stops us in the stores here to chat with him, ask him if he's waiting for Santa, and wish him a merry Christmas.  Earlier this week Mom and I took him to visit our elderly neighbors who have failing health and appreciate visitors.  He played with their spoons and tried to turn on their TV for them.  That's all it takes to spread Christmas cheer.

Mom bought The Bairn red, reindeer pajamas, which make him extra festive.

Unfortunately, he got sick for the first time yesterday.  He has a fever and he wheezes and coughs and vomits.  It's the most pitiful thing you've ever seen when a little Christmas reindeer is full of sadness.  Also, I never got out of my pajamas today, because he wouldn't let me out of arm's reach.  That is also sad.  And I couldn't go to church and hear Christmas carols, which is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

He just went down to bed so I'm making the most of my 15 minutes before he wakes up coughing to gobble up Mom's guacamole.  (Eating other people's Christmas treats is also my favorite.)


Lady Susan said...

Christmas with children is the best! This year is even better than last year, which was better than the year before. You get my drift. This year, he can read and understand books about Christmas and Santa. He gets really excited about things like stockings and Christmas trees. It is awesome.

Not so awesome that The Bairn is sick for Christmas! Boo! Sick, feverish babies are the worst! There is something just so sad and pathetic about it all. (For you and the baby!) Hope he starts feeling better soon.

Nemesis said...

I'm so sorry the Bairn is sick. You might want to keep that guac hidden, though--I've seen what it looks like when it comes back up!

MBC said...

Lady Susan--Yeah, I expect that when he starts to understand what's up, Christmas will get much more fun. This year he wasn't even thrilled about the wrapping paper, because he was so sick. Sad.

Nemesis--No worries there. I never share my guacamole.

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