10 December 2012

Christmas Fail 2012

I'm tired this year.  This is not the year in which I will be making homemade ornaments or decorating in new and darling ways or covering the baby in gold leaf and taking adorable photos of him as a Christmas angel.  This year I chose two projects that seemed realistic for my current reality--Christmas cards and Christmas cookies.  And even those have not gone as well as anticipated.

We completed the Christmas cards last week.  I used the free ones Steve's aunt gave us, so I didn't have to buy them.  I didn't write a letter or get photos taken.  We only sent as many as we could do in one night.  The next day I remembered important people who hadn't received cards.  I did not rectify the situation.  Maybe next year everyone will get their cards.  Maybe not.

I baked two of my favorite Christmas cookies and a cherry eggnog loaf to make up plates of treats for friends.  The eggnog and cherries were a little pricey but I was full of goodwill for my fellowman and thought it was still inexpensive as a gift for so many kind souls.  We didn't make it out to see people the first night.  Or the second.  And then I started eating the cookies myself.  I told myself, "Don't worry.  You don't have to deliver cookies for Christmas.  We'll just give cards to the people who should have received these treats."  Then I popped another cookie into my mouth.

So, I'm off to write some notes.

Dear Friend,

Merry Christmas!  Sorry about your cookies.  They were delicious.


Anonymous said...

You are a baddie. Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry she is being influenced by close association with my son who no doubt helps eat the cookies but writes no apologetic notes. :)


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