04 December 2012

For the Grandparents: December

The Bairn
  • is 10-months-old.

  • has rediscovered our ceiling fans.  Each time he notices one, he reaches up to touch it and calls out in a pleading voice, "Ma!  Ma!"

  • can stand alone.

  • freely gives kisses to parents, toys, and photographs.

  • says Mama, Da-da, kitty, corn, cracker.  He also has several words that can only be understood by his mother, such as peaches (sounds like Daddy), socks, and thank you.

  • loves keys, particularly taking the mail key and dropping it in the wicker basket pictured below.
  • has 5 teeth, maybe 6 by morning.

  • enjoys strumming his lips to make music.  Strumming Daddy's lips is also fun.

  • is adorable.


Anonymous said...

oh man, that is cute boy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Actually he is a right real some cute boy. Thanks for the blog. It is always brightens our day.

Grammie and Papa

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