16 January 2013

For the Grandparents: January

The Bairn
  • is 11 months old.
  • can walk but still prefers to crawl when he needs to get somewhere quickly.
  • enjoys breaking into the (forbidden) bathroom and opening and closing the toilet lid.

  • does lots of work around the house--unfolding clothes, checking the washing machine, emptying baskets, etc.
  • is learning his body parts.  He likes to pull his own hair and call out, 'Ha'! ha'!'
  • occasionally yells, 'Kisses! Kisses!' and then proceeds to give very forceful displays of affection.

This is a very un-Bairn-like expression, but I think it's funny.

  • is obsessed with kitties.  He talks about them, he thinks about them, he points them out in books and gives them kisses.
  • loves being chased.  He's discovered a little alleyway between our couch and our washing machine (oh, for the day when the washing machine is not in the living room!) and he takes off through the alley, giggling in anticipation of the chase.
  • insists on pulling the plug out of the bathtub almost as soon as he gets in to take a bath.  He's figured out that it causes the water to drain and will put the plug back for a moment to stop the water flow, but mostly he just pops the plug in his mouth and watches the water disappear.

  •  is adorable.
Every day he marches into the living room and requests his 'croca' in order to do some dental work.


eliana23 said...

I am more than a little bit in love with your child. Even though I know he never sleeps.

Anonymous said...

The "un-Bairn-like" picture looks like Miles?



Anonymous said...

What trooper making sure everything is out of place everyday.


MBC said...

Eliana--He's easy to love. If he weren't, he wouldn't get away with the nonsleeping.

Dad--You're right! That is a Miles expression. I hadn't put that together, but we have a picture of Miles making that same face.

Papa--Yes, he's very diligent.

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