13 January 2013

January Report

What I'm Eating
Pear, Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake
Oh, man.  Get out your mixing bowl, kids.  This is a seriously good cake.   Friends served it to us yesterday and I've now decided to make it for The Bairn's birthday in a couple of weeks, because I need some more ASAP.  It calls to me in my dreams.

What I'm Reading
Chick lit.  I made a last trip to the library before it closed for 3 weeks and had to find sufficient reading material to last the duration very quickly, because Steve and The Bairn were waiting in the car and we had an appointment to attend.  In my mad dash around the library, I could only find chick lit checked in.

I finished The Little Lady Agency, which I liked quite well and now I'm reading I've Got Your Number, which is frequently annoying me, but perhaps just because one ought not to read chick lit back to back.  The formula becomes too apparent.  (But, really, why are the heroine's always good at shopping and smart 'in their own way'?  Why can't they just be SMART?!)

What I'm Buying
A house.  We have an accepted offer in on a house in the country.  Everything's still in process, so there's a very slight possibility the deal could fall apart, but it's unlikely.  We move in March (after painting absolutely everything in the place).


Moo said...

Congratulations on your new house! That is very exciting!

Rebekah said...

I really liked Little Lady Agency. It's true, reading chick lit back to back wears on you.

I'm making walnut potato rolls this week. It strikes me as a very MBC recipe. I'll eat them all by myself in your honor.

eliana23 said...

If you buy a house, it means you will be Canadian forever. This makes me a little sad. But happy for you. Now I'm thinking about cake.

MBC said...

Moo--It IS exciting. Steve's signing the mortgage papers tomorrow. Looks like it's all on track to work out.

Rebekah--Aaaah. I want some of your tasty baking. Waaaalnut rolls.

Eliana--I'm not Canadian, but we probably will live in Canada forever. It makes my mom sad too.

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