27 January 2013

Graduation from Baby to Toddler

I discovered I was pregnant with The Bairn because I was having abdominal pain that I thought could be appendicitis. When I performed my due diligence and consulted a medical expert (the Internet) about appendix pain, I realized that my appendix was on the other side of my abdomen, but the Internet suggested that I might have an ectopic pregnancy, so I took a pregnancy test. Then I called Steve, who was away in Aberdeen, to tell him I was pregnant but not to get too invested because I thought there might be a problem. In retrospect, that may not have been the best way to announce his impending fatherhood to him.

Because the National Health Service agreed that an ectopic pregnancy was a possibility, we spent a Saturday at the hospital maternity ward and had a very early ultrasound.  The Bairn didn't even have a visible heartbeat yet.  He appeared as a tiny circle on the ultrasound and as soon as I saw that little circle, I loved him and hoped the best for him.

Of course, he was fine.

And he's become a funny, romping boy, who celebrated his first birthday on Saturday

with cake,

delicious cake,

and aunts and uncles,
Uncle Doug turns 100 this year

three of Steve's uncles,

who were willing to share their cake with the little beggar.

Happy Birthday, Bairn!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a case of appendicitis forage so successfully off the land.
He is so adorable we sure miss him.


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