24 January 2013

still with the cold

Current temperature: -19 C (-2.2 F)

Yesterday it was so cold that a cold advisory was issued for our county
and the truck wouldn't start
and the car short circuited
and The Bairn and I stayed in alllll day
and when Steve came home I was lying on the couch moaning, I hate the winter, which he knew, which is why he brought me a hyacinth, to remind me that spring is coming, and chocolates, to remind me that there's still joy in the world even in the winter with the polar bears closing in on us. 

Don't worry.  It's supposed to get up to -5 for The Bairn's birthday on Saturday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What -19C is still balmy compared to the -52C experienced in Timmings Ontario this week! Look on the bright side it be colder and it will soon warm-up and you'll be hugging your window fan gasping for breath watching your chocolates melt on the counter:)Gotta love Canada where the bugs are small and not poisonous.


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