16 March 2013

Our New House: A Selection of BEFORE Pictures

We took possession of our house on Friday.  It's a country lot next door to a strawberry farm.  Steve and his mom have been slaving away for the last two days to clean and paint.  Unfortunately, we don't have time to paint the whole house right now, but we're hoping to get all the bedrooms done before we move in next week.  I cannot sleep with teddy bears staring at me.

The living room looking out to the stairs and den (piano included with house; the family was going to chop it up for firewood if we didn't take it).

Living room looking out the front window (that wood paneling is coming down).

The Bairn's bedroom with inexplicable pink trim and unfortunate rainbow.

The guest bedroom, or, the bedroom that almost kept us from buying the house because it made us weep tears of sorrow, especially with the busty ladies that used to adorn the closet.

Special helper who loves to use a 'brumm brumm.'

Back of the master bedroom looking toward the closets and PINK bathroom.

Special helper also likes to Swiffer.

And while he loves the kitchen cupboards, he's appalled! at the terrible shade of yellow in the kitchen (and WHY did they paint the ceiling, walls and trim all the same color?

We've got our work cut out for us.


Anonymous said...

Good thing the Special helper is on the job with his lightening fast action and impeccable good taste this old house will be new in no time.


Amy said...

I want to 'like' Papa's comment.

Also, that purple/green combo AND busty ladies? Who lived there, a tripped out tween girl aspiring to be a pole dancer?

Amy said...

Also, I like your house. Not 'like.'

eliana23 said...

There are so many things I want to say! Love the floors. Love your child. Paint will be important. You bought a house! That is so exciting.

MBC said...

She was a full on teen, Amy, not a tween. Otherwise, you nailed it.

Theresa said...

Wohow!!! That is so cool!!!! :) Congratulations on the house!!! It looks great (well, apart from previous owners taste in colour and deco), the floor looks very nice, and wohow, a house! That's pure awesomeness! :) Can't wait to come visit! (well, we'll wait till all this snow is gone...)

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