18 March 2013

The Life of an Apartment Child

There are many things I am happy we will be leaving behind when we move into our house at the end of the week, including

  • carrying The Bairn up three flights of stairs in his stroller after a walk.
  • carrying The Bairn up three flights of stairs with groceries.
  • living with my dresser and washing machine in my living room.
However, I will miss one daily activity that The Bairn loves and is adorable.  The Bairn loves to check the mail.  Every afternoon I ask him if he'd like to go see what the mailman has brought and he runs to the door and flaps his arms.  I hand him the mail key and set him loose in the hall and he runs like a tiny drunkard to the fire door, where I meet him and help him over the threshold before he takes off down the second hall.  I carry him down the stairs and then he finds our mailbox and attempts to open the door.  After he's given it his best shot, I take over, get our mail, carry him up the stairs and set him back down for his crazy run back to our apartment.  It's a highlight of both our days.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can see the two of you doing the "mail box run" in my mind's eye. Be safe!

Love Dad

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