04 April 2013

Celebrating the Season

It's almost the end of maple sugar season in Nova Scotia, so Saturday we drove up the mountain to the annual Maple Sugar Festival.  It's held in a one-room schoolhouse maintained by the community for local events and consists of a pancake supper with baked beans and sausages and live music.  The Bairn sat at the end of our long stretch of table, eating pancakes and delighting the elderly folks who interpreted his sign for 'drink' (which really meant, in this case, 'Mama, please give me another styrofoam cup to shred') as waves to all of them.  I ate approximately 1,000,000 (or maybe 4) desserts because they kept bringing out new plates of them for our table and I would think, 'Oooh, that lemon bar thing looks delicious' (it was not) or 'I must really try a Nanaimo bar actually made in Canada.'

I boiled Easter eggs to color over the weekend but then we never got around to dying them and turned them into egg salad sandwiches without any decorating. 

I have a cold and it's -2 degrees outside and we had a snowstorm this week, even though it is Aaaaapril.

1 comment:

Katya said...

I want to come to Nova Scotia for the Maple Sugar Festival some day!

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