07 April 2013

Interspecies Love

The previous owners of our house left us a number of things we do not want--an exploding furnace, rolls of teddy bear wallpaper, and a tole painted toilet paper holder shaped like a cat.  I wanted Steve to chop up the cat and burn it in the exploding furnace, but The Bairn has other plans.  He loves Miss Kitty and plans to marry her.  Every time he sees her, he cries out, 'Mao, mao!' and proceeds to carry her around the house.  I cannot stand in the way of their true love.

Carrying his love into the very messy/still not unpacked master bedroom.

Visiting her (with a runny nose and sad sick face) in her home.

Taking her on a little trip.

Including Miss Kitty in a visit to Daddy's office.


Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side, this kitty doesn't need a litter box.
He is soooo cute.


Moo said...

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Anonymous said...

He seems to be losing his baby fat. :(



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