12 April 2013

It's kind of gross but it's kind of funny

Our house is still a total unpacked mess, mainly because of the toddler who lives here (Destroyer of Labors) but also because I am pregnant and tired and have a cold that cannot be treated because I am pregnant.

I had my first ultrasound at 9 weeks and I dutifully followed the instructions to drink three cups of water an hour and a half before my appointment.  I drove myself to the hospital, because Steve was coming to the appointment from work and would meet me there.  Three cups of water is a lot when you're pregnant.  I got out of the car and had to stand very still in the parking lot, giving myself a pep talk about how I would not wet my pants in the short distance to the building.  I would not.  I hobbled down to the digital imaging department and presented myself at the registration desk and told the woman there in desperate tones, "I have an ultrasound appointment and I drank all the water but I'm not going to make it!"  I said this with my legs crossed.  The woman at the desk was very, very nice and took me straight in to the waiting area where I  leaned against a chair in a manner that alarmed the two older women already seated there.  They were very concerned about me and then tutted in sympathy when I explained my situation.

The ultrasound tech sent me off to the restrooms when she saw me and told me to "go halfway" and then she started my appointment early because I am clearly not good at having even a half full bladder.

The baby looked like a little gummy bear.

Steve didn't get to see New Baby.  There was no way I was going to make it another 10 minutes until he arrived.

I just got the letter scheduling my second ultrasound on June 2.  It instructs me that I should drink 3 cups of water an hour and a half before the appointment.  Not likely.


Lady Susan said...


eliana23 said...

You made such a nice first baby, a second one will be awesome! Enjoy your multitude of bathroom breaks.

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