23 May 2013

A Short List of Things That Make Me Sad

  1. Ants have taken up residence in our dining area.  I can't blame them, as The Bairn throws down a constant supply of nutritious scraps for them from his high chair and no matter how much I sweep and mop, they always have food.
  2. It's been raining and cold for days and all The Bairn wants to do is go out'ide.  I want to go to Tahiti, but I'd settle for a nice trip to the park at this point.  The only upside to the lousy weather is that The Bairn looks quite dashing in his wellies.

  3. My second ultrasound is at the beginning of June, but our hospital won't disclose the sex of the baby.  Here's what I think about that: RUBBISH.  I can't decide if I want to know badly enough to pay for an ultrasound at the mall.  Probably not.


Lady Susan said...

If you have been having lots of rain, that is what is driving the ants indoors--their home is being flooded. Can you get some Terro liquid bait ant traps? (found at Lowes or other hardware stores) Our other ones weren't working and I asked for recommendations on Facebook and that was the resounding answer. So far so good for us.

And I agree that it is Rubbish that you can't find out the sex of the baby through the hospital!

CSIowa said...

Do they let you watch the ultrasound? The baby doesn't always cooperate, but one of our fetuses was such an exhibitionist that we couldn't have avoided knowing had we wanted to. I hope you get a good peek!

Anonymous said...

I can provide no advice on the ultrasound situation, but, I have waged the ant war. The only cure for NS ants as they are a tough and wily breed is Green Cross Formicil. It is a small yellow bottle with a green cap. The liquid is quite viscus. All you do is lay down a line of the fluid in front on any possible ant entrance to the house. I personally put down a trail that encircled the entire house. After a week the ants were gone.
PS Raid attracts NS ants they love the stuff.


MBC said...

Lady Susan--My mom suggested Terro, too, but I can't find it! We only have a couple of places that sell that kind of thing and it's not available at either. Boo.

CSIowa--They do let us see the ultrasound and I am hoping to do my own sleuthing, although I completely missed that The Bairn was a boy at his 20-week ultrasound even though he had his legs in the air the whole time. I'll have to try harder this time.

Papa--No Green Cross available in town. We got some tin traps that seemed to be working until today when there was a resurgence but I suppose we have to give it a bit of time to work.

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