21 May 2013

Our Local Nut Job

The Bairn has two sets of grandparents--Grandma and Grandpa and Grammie and Papa.  He doesn't see either set terribly often and he's a bit confused about who is who.  He talks most often about Grandma and can correctly identify her in photographs, but he also calls Grammie Grandma on the phone or on Skype and  he loves to talk about Papa, although he calls Grandpa and Papa by that name and also claims that a number of people who call the house are Papa.

Today he insists that he is grandma.

Steve (patting The Bairn on the chest):  Who's this?
The Bairn: Grandma.
Steve: No, who are you?  What's your name?
The Bairn: Papa.

All day.

I was sitting with him on the couch when he leaned over to pat me.  Mama, he said.
That's right.  I'm mama, I agreed.
And then, pointing to himself, Grandma.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm flattered. Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm with Grandma on the flattered list, as one the more talked people.


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