07 May 2013

Four Ways to Be Fabulous

The Bairn's been sort of killing it on the Being Adorable front lately in the following ways:

1. I weaned him this weekend. He took it surprisingly well, considering that nursing was his favorite activity in the universe.  Around Hour 22 of Operation Wean, though, he got really sad and started signing that he wanted to nurse.  It was 5 am and I thought maybe he was hungry, so I asked if he wanted a cracker and he switched to signing that he wanted cookies.  I felt bad for him, so I gave him cookies, which he munched on in my bed, while snuggling with me and occasionally rubbing the cookies through his hair.

2.  He's been loving the outdoors lately.  He especially likes to ride in the wheelbarrow.

3. He wore this suit to church on Sunday.  My brother wore it in 1978 to the wedding of our grandmother and her second husband, The Bairn's namesake.

4. He tells stories.  His favorites include The plunger is yucky (Plun (pause) 'ucky) and A dog licked him with its tongue (Woof woof [tongue sticking out] ton').

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yup he's working hard on being one up on the coming sibling rivalry. Can't wait until July.


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