09 May 2013

The First Room Transformation

I was rejoicing earlier this week that The Bairn's room is the first to finally be complete, but then I realized that it's not true. He still needs curtains (although he finally has a roller blind!) and Steve's going to make him some wall-mounted shelves when we have some free time and money (ha ha, that's a joke; we will never have either of those, but Steve will make the shelves one day) AND his dresser really needs to be replaced or refinished, since it came to us free from a relative's cottage shed.  BUT, the room is painted, the electrical outlets and light fixture are replaced and his baby art is hung.  Behold!

BEFORE with creepy rainbow

AFTER with darling child


Anonymous said...

Great work! And the room looks really nice too.


Anonymous said...

You can have the shelves from your room. We can bring them to you when we come, if you want them. Mom

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