25 June 2013

Second Annual Family Clamfest

On Saturday we traveled to the beach to get our quota of clams, so Steve could bottle them and make us clam chowder without paying a million billion dollars for clams in the store.  I didn't take the camera because I thought to myself, "Sometimes you should just enjoy the day and not worry about documenting your life."  I regretted it as soon as I released The Bairn from the car and he began frolicking and singing in the grass in his darling baby swimsuit.  He is growing.  We must document every second.

The Bairn found exactly one clam, which he dutifully carried through the mud to the clam bucket.  If you would like to ask him about it, he will gladly recount the adventure.  It goes like this: clam, clam, clam, clam, clam.

Last year when I was able to strap The Bairn to my chest, our clamming experience was quite different, so I have made some notes for my future self and for you if you ever go clamming with a toddler.

Bring the water shoes.  Even if they get sucked off in the mud and have to be carried part of the time, your feet will end up with far fewer cuts (from oysters) than people (husbands) who scoff at water shoes.  Also, toddlers look extra sassy in water shoes.

Let the toddler play in tide pools.  It will be his favorite part of the trip.

Pick up a donair pizza on the way home so you don't have to cook that night, especially if your spouse will be in the kitchen until 1:00 am canning.

Wear your favorite maternity top.  The toddler will definitely be climbing up your body repeatedly with his muddy water shoes and ruining one of the few pieces of clothing that actually fit you.

Eat seashells (Bairn).  It's bad for the digestion.

Eat three slices of the pizza.  Two is lots.

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