28 June 2013

The Big Announcement: Boy or Girl?

I went to the obstetricians' office for the first time today.  It's a practice of four doctors, one of whom will be delivering our baby, all of whom are allowed to tell parents the sex of their baby.

I waited for 2 1/2 hours to see the doctor, but I really liked him (even though he's MALE, which I'm not into for doctors), so I immediately forgave the whole practice.  He won me over by being English and having formerly worked in a London maternity ward, consequently being able to give me the whole scoop on the differences between birth practices in the UK and Canada; by chatting with me about Greece; and by being interested in things my general practice doctor doesn't care about, such as the names of my child and husband.

Then he asked if I was having a boy or a girl and I told him that he would have to tell me.  He assured me that he would be happy to


the hospital didn't send the ultrasound information to his office.

He asked the receptionist to track it down, but no one could reach the ultrasound department today, so I have to call back.  And Monday is a holiday.  Sooooo, Tuesday.  Tuesday SHOULD be the real day we learn the sex of the baby.  Last chance to make a guess.  Steve says 'boy.'

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