16 June 2013

The Wages of Fun are Vomit

The sun came out on Saturday, so we took The Bairn to the local garden center to feed the goats and look at the horses and buy some zucchini plants, because I love to hear a toddler telling the cashier about 'cchini AND because we have a food dehydrator this year, so we can dry our extra zucchini crop, which Steve's friend promises is The Thing.

Then, since we were already part way there, and because it was BEAUTIFUL out, we drove to Five Islands Lighthouse Park and let The Bairn play on the play structure and climb the stairs of the lighthouse and swing on the swings (because I love to hear a toddler talking about nings).  It was a bit too windy to go down to the beach and we hadn't worn suitable clothes anyway, because it was an unplanned trip, but it was still so lovely.


And THEN, because it is the thing you do at Five Islands, we stopped at Diane's for fried seafood products and The Bairn swung on more nings and discovered ketchup and we all came home extremely satisfied with the day.

And then The Bairn threw up in our bed twice that night.  And once in the guest room bed.

But it was still a really good day.

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