13 June 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Yesterday we took ourselves to New Brunswick. Moncton is not an exciting place, but Steve had a small job to do there and it was raining, so we all made the trip to keep The Bairn from spending his whole day begging to go outside and play in puddles.

He likes to hit the road.
The only interesting things about Moncton (as far as I can tell) are that it is actually bilingual (Nova Scotia is not) and that it has a bakery with smokin' good doughnuts. 

Behold, bilingualism.  Also, that flag in the background that looks like the French flag is the Acadian flag.

Oh, and they have some good thrift stores.  The Bairn acquired some beachwear and a shape sorter and Steve found the original Wok with Yan TV cookbook, which he considers a priceless find. Priceless.


Anonymous said...

You are right NB is the only truly bilingual province. However I you chance to live there no one speaks to you until they have figured out which language you speak.


Katya said...

Does the Bairn still love seatbelts?

MBC said...

He's more into "buttles" (buckles) now. On his car seat.

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