14 July 2013

In Which I Purchase 3 Jogging Strollers in 2 Weeks

One of the sad things about leaving Utah is that I can no longer attend my favorite annual rummage sale with my sister.  Fortunately, I have found a worthy substitute.  Saturday was the 75 km yard sale, an annual sale that starts down the road from us and continues, not surprisingly, for 75 km along our country highway.  Anyone who lives on the route can participate by pulling out their tables and setting up shop on their lawns.

We brought home the bargains.

For under $125 we purchased
-a sleeping bag for our upcoming camping trip with friends (how will a pregnant woman, a man with a bad back, and a toddler fare in a (so far non-existent) tent for 3 days?)

-two toy cars for The Bairn (purchased from a Scottish woman who is now Steve's best friend; he's taking her some jam)

-a silky-edged blanket for New Baby that I was urged to buy by a friend we ran into while shopping

-a pair of little girls shoes (could not resist the tiny girl apparel forever)
-water wings and a pool float

-a child's potty

-a potty adapter seat (we have high hopes that The Bairn's intense interest in the toilet will turn into something useful one day)

-a table saw

-a dishwasher, meaning that The Bairn will be losing his empty play cupboard

-this play kitchen (with dishes, food, and basket!), which makes up for his cupboard loss, because all he's done since we bought the kitchen is cook like a fiend
Those fat knees kill me.
-a jogging stroller - We already have two jogging strollers.  One that we bought used, brought home, and realized was seriously defective and another that is perfectly adequate but needs a rain cover.  I saw this one and asked the owner for a price, just to make myself cry if it cost less than what I paid, because it's very nice and has a cover and an infant head support and many lovely features.  Twenty dollars.  Buying it was cheaper than ordering a rain cover for our existing stroller, so we brought it home.

Anybody want to buy a jogging stroller?  We've got extras.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now you have a stroller for Howard and one for new baby. Great for when you have Steve around to push one stroller. Ditch the defective one. Love, Mom

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