30 July 2013

Where's My Ice Cream?

  1. It's hot and sticky.
  2. And I'm pregnant.
  3. And I have a cold.
  4. And there's nothing much to do about the cold except be snippy with people, unless I want to subject myself to Dr. Steve treatments
  5. And someone just made me sing, "How much is that digger in the window*," 42 million times before he would go to sleep.  If I tried to switch songs, he popped up his little and head and demanded, "Digger."

*In case you ever have an 18-month-old tyrant who would like you to sing this song, it goes likes this

How much is that digger in the window?
The one that is digging up dirt.
How much is that digger in the window?
I think that it's driven by Bert.   (OR Be careful so you don't get hurt.)

verses added as needed


Moo said...

Good job at altering words as necessary. In my world there are two kinds of equipment, backhoes & tractors. I think I'd put the digger in the backhoe category :)

MBC said...

Apparently, what I call a backhoe is actually an excavator, but both are considered diggers.

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