01 August 2013

A Bairn-Free Day

Steve and I went on a date yesterday.  Even though one of my New Year's resolutions was to date Steve, this was the first time we'd been out together alone for the actual purpose of a date since February.  Our child is a mama's boy, but he loves his grandparents, so we took full advantage of this to go to Halifax for the entire day.

  • We attended the Halifax temple in the morning.
  • We purchased a tent and a couple of camp chairs from a French girl in the city (how unwise is it to go tent camping at 7 months pregnant?  We'll find out this weekend).
  • We ate lunch at Brooklyn Warehouse, a locally-sourced, seasonally-inspired restaurant.
  • Then we purchased the Indian sweets I have been craving for months and that are not available anywhere near us.  I bought one of almost every kind they carry in their little sweet case and then ate them all up before we got home.  Unwise, unwise!  Steve bought birch beer, a Newfoundland soda that tastes gross but makes Steve happy.
  • Finally, we stopped at Restore.  It's a thrift store that sells donated furniture and flooring and light fixtures and the proceeds go to Habit for  Humanity.  By this time I was feeling like a pregnant person at the end of July, so I parked myself in an office chair that tipped me so far back I couldn't get up and caused an employee to come by and make sure I wasn't close enough to my due date to be delivering in the showroom.  We bought a $15 chandelier for the dining room and a very modern overhead light for the living room for $5.  The living room light came out of a student bar that went bust.  It's either going to look fabulous or like a giant eyeball staring down at us.
The Bairn had a good day too, but today he barely let me out of his sight.  

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