06 August 2013


We went camping for the first time in our married life this weekend. We weren't sure how The Bairn would feel about it, but he's a born camper. He wishes we lived in a tent near a lake all the time.  When we came home yesterday, he really only stopped talking about Tent, kids, water!  Tent, kids, water! long enough to feed his baby doll some radishes.  True fact.

I did some reading up on camping with toddlers, most of which turned out to less useful, and the one tip which would have been VERY useful (go ahead and haul that high chair with you), I decided not to follow, because we were so tight on space.  Here's the best tip for camping with an 18-month-old: camp with four other families who also have children.  It's the best.
Remembering to bring The Bairn's boots was also wise.  He loved wearing them and they slow him down a bit, which was good for me.

Steve did all the camp cooking, but The Bairn was an enthusiastic helper. 

We stayed at Dollar Lake, near Halifax.  It was extremely hard to get a picture of The Bairn's face at the lake, because he was always so busy toting water and digging sand.

Like so.

One afternoon, we went with two of the other families to Martinique Beach in Musquodoboit Harbour.

It's a very beautiful cold water beach

where The Bairn was able to resume his important digging work.


eliana23 said...

Fantastic. That kid is so cute. And digging plus water? No wonder he's in heaven.

E said...

So cute!

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