08 August 2013

It's the 4 Year Meet-a-versary

Today is our 4th meet-a-versary.  I remembered it this morning while playing Pull Mommy's Hair Out of Her Bun and Then Laugh with The Bairn.  One of us enjoys this game more than the other.  I reminded Steve that we met 4 years ago today and then we immediately had these two conversations:

Steve: Did you imagine when we met that one day you'd be living with me in a big house like this?
Me: No, I didn't imagine doing anything with you because you were wearing black sneakers and a t-shirt 3 sizes too big.

Steve: (as I was scooping ice cream into a bowl) Are you bending my spoon?
Me: Yeah.
Steve: Because we have a special scoop specifically for that job. (pause) That wouldn't bend my spoon.
Me: (carrying on with the spoon bending)  Did you imagine when we met that one day I'd be bending your spoons?


We went out for dinner to celebrate at a Chinese restaurant in a strip mall with Valentine's decorations on the wall.  A little boy about 11-years-old, who couldn't see over the cash register, came to our table to take our order.  We'd tell him what we wanted and then we'd spell it for him and find it on the menu so he could locate the price and write it all down on his notepad.  When he wasn't taking table orders, he was working at the till, and when none of the adults that work there were around, I noticed him take out a toy light saber and practice some sweet moves.  It was awesome.

It was also awesome that they had mu shu pork on the menu, because this appears to be a dish that has not made it to the Maritimes, although it is my favorite.  Unfortunately, after our small waiter took our order, he ran back to tell me it was unavailable, so I had to spell and locate steamed dumplings on the menu for him instead. Also delicious on a meet-a-versary.


eliana23 said...

I think I'm going to celebrate our meet a versary this year. Perfect. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Happy Meet a versary


Anonymous said...

You Cox girls! The main thing you remember about first meeting us? Apparel. Go figure! (Marmot Dad)

MBC said...

Eliana--Do it. It's a good way to squeeze in another celebration in the year.


Marmot Dad--What do they say? The clothes make the man? You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression? Brown jeans and black sneakers are unattractive?

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