26 August 2013

Making Toddler Dreams Come True

Saturday we took The Bairn to the provincial exhibition (like unto the state fair).  I told him in the morning that after his nap we would go see animals and tractors and then he took the shortest nap ever and Steve still wasn't home to go with us, so I had to put him off for a couple of hours while he expressed his undying love for ammals every 30 seconds or so. 

Patting a bunny may have been the highlight of his life.

But he really loved the lamby too.

And the pig was not bad.

This was Steve's highlight--Newfie fries (Newfoundland fries).  Hand cut fries topped with ground meat, stuffing, crumbled cheese and gravy.

The Bairn is still talking about the cock-a-doo.


eliana23 said...

Bairn with bunny is impossibly cute. Kids and tiny animals. Always a good idea. Almost always.

Anonymous said...

I agree wee ones with wee animals always a winner. The Newfie fries look so very tempting too. I love exhibition time.


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