25 August 2013

One Year Older (and wiser too)

Friday was Steve's birthday.  I spent all day making him a Black Forest cake.  It would not have taken all day except that I had to make the chocolate sponge twice (immediately after which I threw away our defective springform pan), I had to run to the store to buy more cream, and I couldn't open the jar of cherries.  After 30 minutes of struggling with the jar, I seriously considered using a hammer to open the cherries, but I thought the taste of broken glass in the filling might adversely affect the taste of the cake.

The Bairn spent all day wandering around practising his birthday greeting for Daddy--Happy 'Day!  When Daddy actually arrived home, though, I was in the process of boiling water for some much-anticipated noodles and when asked what he had to say to Daddy, The Bairn would only answer, Noodles.  Noooooodles, as he attempted to rip the bag of noodles open with his teeth.

AND Steve still had lots of work to do when he got home, so we ate dinner, sang Happy Birthday, blew out candles, and then Steve had to run off to write a report, and The Bairn and I ate cake without him. 

The Bairn is a big fan of birthdays.  This morning when he woke up, he told me, Happy 'Day.  Eat cake.  So we did.

Steve hamming it up for the photo


Lady Susan said...

Excellent looking cake despite all the setbacks!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan a great looking cake, and no doubt equally as delicious as it looks.


MBC said...

Thanks! It turned out pretty tasty.

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