09 September 2013

Actually 34 Weeks

Man, it's so hard to be vain, pregnant, and love cookies. That little trifecta makes it almost impossible to post baby bump pictures on the web, but for Eliana, I give you Smallsy Albino Boy Eating a Crab Apple, Giant Mama, and Overgrown Shrubbery Type Things at the Front of the House.

I was in the bulk food store the other week and I noticed bins of candy corn at regular price and thought, "Why aren't those reduced?  It's waaay past Halloween."  And then I noticed the skeleton decorations and I realized that they already had this year's Halloween merchandise on display.  Then I had to lie down and sniff my smelling salts, because I am acquiring a new baby BEFORE a holiday that is already advertised.  Oy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Halloween stuff I know what you mean. Here a lot of time the Christmas stuff is put out with the Halloween treats. It gives the children a rather distorted view of the passage of time and sequence of events. However they never have the Boxing Day sales before Christmas. A lovely picture by the way.


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