26 October 2013

Baby Sis-a-ter

I am so tired.

The Bairn has had an emotionally exhausting week.  He spent the first three days with a sister screaming and clinging to me every time she cried.  One night I was holding her and she started to snort.  He immediately began to chant, "Take it Grandma.  Take it Grandma."  His other chant goes like this: "Mommy, hugs.  Hugs. Hugs.  Mommy, huggies.  Mommy, hugs.  Hugs. Hugs."  Repeat for an hour or more.

The last couple of days my mom's amazing baby brainwashing powers have begun to kick in, though, and tonight The Bairn announced at dinner, "Baby sis-a-ter.  Love it."  Grandma taught him how to gently rock her in her swing, and he was so brave as to sit next to me while I nursed her this evening.

I'm glad to see that we haven't ruined his life forever.

She strikes terror in the hearts of toddlers.

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