20 October 2013

The New One

My parents arrived on Thursday afternoon, I went into labor Friday evening, and our baby girl was born early Saturday morning.  We're grateful that the timing worked out so well.

7 lb 8 oz, 20.5 inches long

Steve and Baby Girl in the Hospital

We came home this afternoon.  
Grandma and Grandpa were very excited to meet Baby.

She makes The Bairn a bit uneasy.

We had a tiny birthday party for her today.
The Bairn helpfully blew out the birthday candle for his sister.

She seemed to enjoy the festivities too.


Emily said...

She's beautiful! Congrats!

eliana23 said...

I love that you had a birthday moment for her! She's a keeper. Good luck this next while.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Baby Girl! What a cute family you have.

Lady Susan said...

Hooray for perfect timing! That was my biggest concern with number two. Grandma had to be there before I could go into labor. I hope the birth went and the recovery is going well. She looks lovely. :)

Theresa van Vliet Wiegert said...

Wow! Congratulations to you all, she is adorable!!! :)

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