01 October 2013

The Bairn's Own Post

The Bairn is talking up a storm these days.

He pronounces the letter f as an s which makes it extra sweet and funny when he asks us to fix things.  Whenever anything is not working, he tells me, "Daddy swix it."  Today he requested that I swix his tummy and his toes, both of which were bothering him.  And in the evening, when Steve comes home from work and we're all sitting around in the family room, The Bairn goes back and forth between the two of us, giving hugs and crooning, "Oh, samily."

I found him lying here on the floor, in the middle of a mess but full of joy, when I came upstairs from a short trip to the basement the other day.

Speaking of family, I've been doing the We-Love-Babies-and-You're-Getting-a-Sister brainwashing for a couple of months now.  I don't know how much of it is really comprehensible to The Bairn, but he likes to talk about the Halloween (another concept he knows nothing about) and how he will get a pumpkin and a sister at Halloween time.  He also tells anyone who will listen that the baby has a "beat" (heartbeat) that goes "swish swish" (accompanied by vigorous hand motions), because he sometimes comes to my doctor's appointments and this is what he's picked up from those visits.  He's also very taken with the plastic onion in the doctor's waiting room.

He really likes the new crop of apples.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweetie the Bairn can be. The picture reminds me how tasty the fall crop of apples can be. We really don't get fresh apples here. I can remember taking his dad and his aunt to the valley to get our winter supply of apples and some assorted vegetables.


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