06 November 2013

Carrying On

My parents left on Friday morning.  I cried and The Bairn spent at least half an hour saying, "Grandma, Grandpa come back.  Want them come back."  I would still like them to come back, but I have managed to keep the children alive for almost a week without them.

Photographic Evidence:

She's very pink.

This is one's lot in life when Steve is one's father--sausage making from an early age.

I didn't mean to take a picture of her spitting up, but she does it so frequently that it was bound to happen eventually.  (She still looks cute.)

The Bairn is very interested in her and loves to pat and poke her.  Gently.

I had actually forbidden him from playing with these, but then I was too busy to enforce the rule and THEN I thought his stacking skills were awfully cute and impressive so I took the picture.

He's way into cars at the moment.  And he looks sweet in sweaters.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures


Anonymous said...

I want that sausage


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