13 November 2013


It is a HARD day.

Steve was called as the branch president the week before Baby Girl (she needs a blogonym) was born, which means that on Wednesday nights the two little children and I are on our own, which means that The Bairn gets to watch The Friendly Giant after dinner so that I have a few peaceful minutes to gird my loins for bedtime, because Wednesday nights without Steve also mean that I must convince The Bairn to lie down and sleep while bouncing and nursing and pleading with a baby who has her cranky time at exactly that same time.  It's TONS of fun.

Normally, The Bairn takes a bath before bed and reads stories in the rocking chair with me before bed and then does 'talk a day' (talk about the day) before bed and then sometimes sings songs with me before bed but sometimes just tells me lots of crazy stuff before bed (like, 'Bagpipes say aaaang yaaang yaang yaang.  'Cotland.  Angus.')  But on Wednesdays we skip the bath, read the stories on the bed, and The Bairn spends most of his time nervously saying, 'Mommy, mommy'  while his sister fusses.  Then he falls asleep and as I try to slip away, his sister cries, he wakes up and we start again.  Fun!  Fun!

Imagine that I uploaded a pictures of said little girl in a really fabulous pink hat that makes her look even pinker than normal (how is it possible?), except I'm not actually going to upload that photo, because the children are asleep after 2 1/2 hours of effort, so now is the time for the eating of the cookie dough and the taking of the massive headache medicines before I crawl into bed myself.


Anonymous said...

No doubt, being the Branch President's wife is much like being a single Mom. You have my sympathy and and a Father-in-Law's love.


CSIowa said...

I always appreciate it when people are willing to admit that hard things are HARD. Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Bless you.

I'm sorry. Come visit me and my kids will swarm over yours and put them to bed while you eat chocolate.

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