24 November 2013

Who Needs Toys?

Our house is heated with oil and wood. We can either turn on the oil side of the furnace (which is like burning up $20 bills every 30 seconds) or the wood side (which involves going down to the basement with the beetles and stoking and other scary things).  I'm not so much a fan of the system.

But for The Bairn, a wood-burning furnace is a wonder.  Steve bribes him with promises of going to look at the furnace (and the fire!  right in our house!)  AND (and!) the wood was dumped in our yard by a dump truck.  The Bairn was thrilled.

AND (yeah, there's more!) The Bairn likes to go out and play with the little wood scraps.  He has a few favorite pieces--'castle' and 'chunk' and, my favorite, 'sea monster.'  I think sea monster actually does look a bit like Nessie.

The Bairn and Sea Monster

carrying Sea Monster around the backyard


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little face. Love his hat! Mom

CSIowa said...

Oh, the wonderful childhood you two are giving him! Happy (American) Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I love sea monster


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