03 December 2013

Catching Up

I'm way behind. I'm WAY behind. But let's start with this.

Baby Girl (I've decided we'll call her Ellen here on the blog) was blessed on Sunday.  I managed to take lots of slightly unattractive pictures of her, although she and her outfit are both lovely.  My mom made her dress and one of our grandmotherly friends knitted her hat and booties.  My friend Kathy gave us the blanket, which was one her mother knitted for her and told her to keep for when she had a daughter, but Kathy never had children, so she gave the blanket to Ellen, which I thought was awfully nice.

Ellen also premiered her Christmas outfit on Sunday.

And The Bairn spent the day doing construction projects with paper towels.


eliana23 said...

She's grown so much already! Her brother is very foxy in construction mode.

Anonymous said...

You are indeed blessed with a sweet little girl and an industrious young man.


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