05 December 2013

Thanksgiving 2

Because we celebrate both American and Canadian Thanksgiving, we sometimes get a little bit holiday dinnered out. This year I decided to skip a full American Thanksgiving in favor of a pie night. I made three pies and each couple we invited also supplied a pie, including a British meat pie from my English friend and her Scottish boyfriend.

These are the three I made.

The one on the left is a Nantucket Cranberry Pie (made with cranberries from just down the road!).  It's pretty much the easiest pie I know how to make and is delicious.

The pie on the top right is the Shaker Lemon Pie we always make.  I've discovered that the key to this pie is to make it well in advance.  It tastes better the longer it sits.

And the bottom right pie was a new pie for us, a Salty Honey Pie.  It tastes a bit like a pecan pie without the nuts and was the favorite of all the pies there.


CSIowa said...

The pie really is the only part that bears repeating. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Pies look great and by accounts were tasty. Remember once we get moved this expat will likely be looking for turkey, but I'm sure Grammie will limit any of my requests on your cooking talents. Which by the way are not lacking in any way.


Amy said...

We also had Nantucket cranberry pie! It was Jaren's favorite.

Jen Powell said...

We tried the two tart ones, the cranberry? DELICIOUS! A new favorite, and we also live where cranberries grow - yay for local!
But the lemon will need another try. I used quite large lemons, and possibly didn't slice them thinly enough. The peels weren't really broken down at all by their night with the sugar. I think they were just too thick to be swayed.
I'll do better next time!

MBC said...

Jen, The lemons have to be REALLY thin and I always macerate them for the full 24 hours. But some lemons are just better (thinner skins) than others and you never know until you cut into them. Good luck with the next attempt!

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