24 December 2013

Christmas is Canceled

I spent yesterday evening at the walk-in clinic to check out a persistent sore throat and earache.  The doctor looked at my ear and throat and told me that my ear is in perfect health but that I have a serious throat infection called peritonsillar cellulitis.  "I'm surprised you're not in more pain," he commented.  I'm in plenty of pain, thanks.
The doctor prescribed the heavy duty drugs (as compared to the Ibuprofen my GP suggested when I went to see him about it almost two weeks ago) which will kill the infection and create an abscess that will have to be drained at the emergency room.

MBC: What symptoms should I be looking for to know when I should go to the hospital?

Doctor: Oh, the pain will drive you there.


That's supposed to happen about two days after I started taking the medication, so that should be about . . . Christmas Day. 


We decided to put off our Christmas meals, since I can't eat solid foods very well and because Steve developed a sore throat yesterday (although he's not getting as much sympathy as he would like, since he doesn't have the illness that killed Elizabeth the First like some of us do).

But Merry Christmas to the rest of you!


eliana23 said...

This is lame. Hope the kids stay healthy and angelic. Abcess is one of the yuckiest words.

Lady Susan said...

Foo on being sick on Christmas! We always seem to get sick around Christmastime and it is always sucks. Glad to hear though that you finally had your Christmas dinner.

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