19 January 2014

For the Grandparents: 3 Months

Ellen is 3-months-old today. She is so mellow and sweet.  She's trying to blow raspberries, but can't quite manage them yet.  She's fascinated by everything The Bairn does and watches him very intently.  She coos so sweetly that we're always squeezing and squashing her and exclaiming over what a darling girl she is.

She smiles, but not so much in photos.

Here she is helping Daddy with plumbing.

She's very serious about the project.

Here she is winding up to some crying before church.  She didn't want to sit and have her picture taken, but it was the only way I could get The Bairn to stay still long enough to get a shot of him in his killer bow tie.


Anonymous said...

When she is a picture with her father, she really looks small.



Anonymous said...

She certainly is a sweetie. Looks like she trying to grow up to be handy as well as beautiful. The beautiful part she has licked the handy part will come with time.


SCS said...

I found the diaper cover for that dress and the other green one the other day--too bad I'm not good at keeping them together so you could have them now . . .

SCS said...
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