21 January 2014

Listen to This Poetry

Steve bought me a used elliptical machine just before Christmas (as per my request) and then gave me an ENORMOUS box of chocolates on Christmas day (as per my desires). The real gift, though, is that he takes the kids for an hour or so every morning so I can exercise and watch YouTube videos. This week I've been watching TED talks so now I know the power of introverts, how to hack online dating, how to make stress work for me, and who Sarah Kay is. Sarah Kay is a spoken word poet and I'm really enjoying her work. This is the TED talk she did. She starts with a poem, so when she first starts speaking and you wonder, Why is she talking like that?, that's why.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a goal for a mother set for her children! But what children she will raise.
Thanks for the inspiration for my day.


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