26 January 2014

Two Years

The Bairn is 2-years-old today.

Several weeks ago he picked up (snatched) a pamphlet for the Museum of Industry at our local market and decided he wanted to visit for his birthday.  We took him on Friday and he loved it.  Here he is being amazed at a little train running on a track overhead while he stands in a wooden children's train.  That night in his prayers he was grateful for "little trains that go chugga choo."

Today we had cupcakes after half an hour of throwing fits.  You can see a little tear still on his cheek here.  Sundays are rough.

Then I took some weird photos of him.  (No, the kitchen hasn't been painted yet and, yes, there is a big white spot on the wall where the previous owners painted around the calendar hanging there.)

Some of the photos make him look like he goes to special school.

Happy Birthday, Little Boy!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little boy.

love Grammie and Papa

Anonymous said...

Could we just stop him at this age? He is so cute. Gtandma

eliana23 said...

He's grown so much lately. And the museum sounds like you may be spending more time there for the rest of your life. He's beautiful. Even with a sad tear.

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