03 January 2014

We Have Mice. Again. Another Time.

About a month ago Steve discovered evidence of mice (in case the scurrying of feet across the ceiling wasn't enough) in the master bathroom.  Apparently, there was a mouse visiting the drawer where I keep our toothpaste and my makeup.  It made me feel super sick to realize that my little package of tissues was shredded, not because of The Bairn's destructive tendencies, but because of some nasty rodent.

Steve set a trap and immediately caught the perpetrator, but we still hear mice (though not in that room anymore) and I'm still nervous every time I open the bathroom drawer.  I nearly gave myself a heart attack one night when I was fishing a medicine bottle out of the drawer and grabbed the fluffy end of a makeup brush.  It felt mousey.

This morning The Bairn was playing Nibble Nibble Little Mouse, and I was thinking that yucky mice should not feature so prominently in childhood books, rhymes, and games.

It was foreshadowing.

I went to take the diapers out of the dryer and after they were all out, I reached back to grab the little gray sock that had made its way into the wash, and only after I was holding it in my hand did I realize that it was not a sock.  It was a dead mouse.

I got married for just this reason.  Steve took the mouse outside, commenting on what a nice, dry mouse it was.  And attractive too, with little stripes!  Only, maybe, missing a leg or foot.

I can never do laundry again.


Anonymous said...

for some reason nobody every feels inspired to sing "Born Free" whenever it comes to talk about mice. --MarmDad

Anonymous said...

What the universe is telling you is: Get Howard a cat!



eliana23 said...

I can never do laundry again either. How can you type this so calmly? I am traumatized. Cat may be a wise choice.

Anonymous said...

Not all cats are mousers and if you do get a good one, it'll leave it's "catchs" on the door step for you to admire. Like any pet make sure you learn the downsides as well as the benefits before you decide.

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry I was the voice of caution as to getting a cat. I forgot to own my comment.


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