19 February 2014

For the Grandparents: 4-Months-Old

Ellen is 4-months-old today.  She is a very cheery, hardworking baby and she learned to roll over last week.  She can roll in both directions because she is so smart.  She loves playing pat-a-cake and being bounced on someone's knee.  The Bairn tries to lift her out of her exersaucer and, today, offered to change her diaper.  I politely declined his offer.  Her grown-up friends at church most often comment on how bright-eyed she is and she often gets whisked away from me for an entire meeting.

Here she is playing in The Bairn's office, while The Bairn whips up some 'strawberry shortcake.'  (She loves these balls.  Thanks, SCS/Grandma!)  

We went outside today and she made this face for a while and then fell asleep while The Bairn and I made snowballs.


eliana23 said...

She makes excellent faces. You done well.

Anonymous said...

I can see Howard in that sweet little face.

Anonymous said...

A good mother would have gotten some sunglasses for Ellen before she was taken out into the snowy world.

I sent copies of both of these pictures to Aunt Muriel.



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